Qualiteks Delta 825HF No Clean Solder Paste
825HF No Clean Lead Free Solder Paste is one of the best performing chemistry’s that Qualitek has released with respect to RoHS directive. This No-Clean/RoHS formulation has great print performance for both machine and manual applications. The solder reflow characteristics respond like a standard leaded material with great wetting and overall shinny solder appearance, in both our short platform and long platform ovens.

Again, thanks!


Steven Karras
Director of Operations
Toby-Yanni, Inc.

Delta Solder Paste 825HF Type 5 Is BY FAR  the Best Solder Paste We’ve Ever Used!

After our evaluation last Friday we would like to confirm that the Qualitek Delta Solder Paste 825HF is by FAR the best solder paste we’ve ever used, both in terms of printing performance and final joint quality/defect rate. Even on the tiny components with rushed and imperfect prints on cheap lasered stencils, it worked great.
Thanks again for getting that out on such short notice.  We’ll definitely be using this going forward.


Finest Performing Lead Free Wire Solder Ever! Sn100e
Qualitek NC600-Sn100e lead free, silver free solder wire exhibited better wetting, better wetting contact angles, superior flow, visual appearance and performance characteristics to that of a quality no clean 63/37 tin lead. Sn100e is the finest performing lead free product that I have ever tested in my professional career.

Qualiteks Delta Lead Free Wire Solder SN100e Alloy
Qualitek NC600-Sn100e wire solder is an incredible lead free silver free solder wire that outperforms, beyond any doubt, all other leading brands evaluated. Very well done Qualitek!
IPC Trainer

NC600-Sn100e Reduced My Cost!
NC600-Sn100e wire solder has reduced my cost significantly! As a contract manufacturer, my customer is very pleased with the saving we were able to share by replacing SAC alloy with Qualiteks Sn100e!