• On-the-go Qualitek Delta Dispenser Packs. Convenient size and easily dispenses. Easily carried in your toolbox or keep on the rework bench. They are available in several alloys and types. | Product Specs. TDS & SDS | 

    Tip Tinner is a mixture of solder powder and thermally stable, oxide-reducing compounds. Tip Tinner provides better cleaning and re-tinning of highly oxidized soldering iron tips compared to a wet sponge or rosin-cored wire.Very effective for cleaning and re-tinning soldering iron tips.
  • Solder Recycling Program - Qualitek's solder recycling program provides customers with a convenient method of disposal of solder dross, solder pot waste and expired (used or unused) solder paste scrap. Our recycling is performed on site so customer receive maximum return on the settlement statement. Final payout is determined by the amount of material received and recovered. A check may be issued or credit applied towards your next purchase. Green pails, lids and labels are for use with lead-free solder and Black pails, lids and labels are for use with leaded solder scrap. Do not mix solder scrap keep separated and use the labels provide for each pail.
  • Many of our formulations use the latest in technology found in our solder pastes and solder fluxes. We also developed our flux core manufacturing process to eliminate flux voids and irregular wire. Formulations are available for No-Clean, Water-Soluble, Rosin Mildly Activated, Super Activated Resin, and Rosin Activated. Solid wire is also available. Qualitek wire solders meet or exceed J-STD-004B. | View Product TDS & SDS |
  • Bar Solder

    Qualitek Bar Solder conforms and exceeds the impurity requirements of IPC J-STD-006C and ASTM B-32, QQS-571 Military Specs.  Below are the most popular Solder Alloys used in Electronics Mfg/Micro-Electronics. As a manufacturer, we do make Special Alloys upon Request.  | View TDS & SDS |
  • Designed for Hobbyists, Rework Operators, and Electrical Design Engineers/Electronics Labs. An all-in-one Sample Kit that includes all of our Best Sellers for Your Hand Soldering or Rework Soldering needs - Smaller diameters such as .015" great for SMT Applications, .032" for Everyday soldering, and .062" for larger soldering requirements. Get a feel for different sample diameters for the best fit application, Also included: Rework Wand (1), and Tacky Paste Flux w/Plunger and needle set (2), Tip Tinner w/matching Alloy (1). Valued at $80.00, try this sample kit for Leaded and Lead-Free soldering
  • New! Delta Selective Solder Solid Core Wire.  A newly designed Selective Solder Solid Wire spool has been specifically designed for Selective Soldering equipment where it can distinguish between leaded and lead-free alloys based on the color of the spool. Selective Soldering is designed to selectively solder components to specific areas of printed circuit boards and molded modules when traditional wave soldering is not possible. Selective Solder Solid Wire is compatible with most selective solder equipment machines that have the vision recognition feature built in. Qualitek offers white spools for leaded alloys and green spools for lead-free alloys. Available in 8lb. spool. Current lead time is 5 weeks or sooner, will confirm once order is placed. Qualitek solid wire solders meet or exceed J-STD-006C. | View Product TDS & SDS |   Product Info. Sheet | Price varies by quantity. Products must be added to cart to see discount.

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