• "Print Bricks Every Time" with Delta Water Soluble Solder Paste. Qualitek has developed several types of thermally stable, forgiving water-soluble formulations. Since WS Formulations do not have Rosin, it has more tendency to Cold and Hot Slump along with Shear Thin - Rheology and Thixtropy are affected. Our time-tested formulations and manufacturing process ensures superior fine pitch printing, soldering activity,  which can withstand extreme solder profiles and "Won't run out of gas during the reflow process"  Try our new Formulations Today | View TDS & SDS | PLEASE NOTE SHIPPING TO STATES OF: CA, NV, OR, WA, ID, UT, NM, MT, WY, NV, AZ, TX PLEASE SELECT UPS 3 DAY AIR (CANNOT SHIP UPS GROUND)
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