• Paste Solder – No Clean

    Robust formulations exhibit excellent wetting and superior fine pitch printing performance for extreme tight tolerance designs like QFN's, uBGA's, LGA's, QFP's, 0210's. Formulations are designed for High Volume/Low Mix, and Low Volume/High Mix automated SMT assembly applications. Delta Solder Paste types are available for stencil printing, dispensing, and package-on-package assembly. Delta No Clean Solder Pastes are available for leaded Sn/Pb and lead free RoHS compliant assembly. No-Clean solder paste available in type 3 and type 4, packed in 500 gram jars or 35 gram syringes.   | View TDS & SDS | PLEASE NOTE SHIPPING TO STATES OF: CA, NV, OR, WA, ID, UT, NM, MT, WY, NV, AZ, TX PLEASE SELECT UPS 3 DAY AIR (CANNOT SHIP UPS GROUND)  
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