The original Super Deox formulation will convert solder dross into usable solder and reduce costly metal consumption. Available for leaded and lead free wave solder pots. Over 42 Years of use in the electronics manufacturing industry. Super Deox is  a unique formulation that is safe, easy to use, low fuming, and odorless. Tested and approved by Major OEMs and EMS providers. Super Deox #1, will not contaminate PCBA’s during wave soldering and converts Dross into usable solder reducing costly metal consumption both for Leaded and Lead-Free Wave Solder Pots. Wave Oil 2020 is a Water-Soluble liquid form, synthetic oil-based, dross inhibitor designed to reduce dross build up in small tinning solder pots.


For Dross Reducing Agents Technical Data Sheet and SDS, Please Click on the Link here: https://qualitek.com/dross-reducing-agents/


For Wave 2020 Oil, Please click on the link Here: https://qualitek.com/manufacturing-aids/

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in
Lead Status


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