The Original Super Deox Formulation. Over 42 Years of use in the electronics mfg. industry – the unique formulation is safe, easy to use, low fuming, and odorless. Tested and approved by Major OEMs and EMS Providers. Super Deox #1, will not contaminate PCBA’s during wave soldering and converts Dross into usable solder reducing costly metal consumption both for Leaded and Lead-Free Wave Solder Pots. Wave Oil 2020 is a Water-Soluble liquid form, synthetic oil-based, dross inhibitor designed to reduce dross build up in small tinning solder pots.

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For Dross Reducing Agents Technical Data Sheet and SDS, Please Click on the Link here: https://qualitek.com/dross-reducing-agents/


For Wave 2020 Oil, Please click on the link Here: https://qualitek.com/manufacturing-aids/

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in
Lead Status


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