Qualitek offers competitive, state-of-the-art wave solder fluxes and selective solder fluxes for the electronics industry. Qualitek fluxes are manufactured for lead and lead-free processes that include no-clean, VOC-Free, water-soluble and rosin based types. View our product info. sheet for more information on our selective soldering fluxes and solid core wire. | Product Info. Sheet |

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Sold by the gallon. For More Information and Selective Soldering Flux Chart Including Technical Data Sheets and SDS Downloads, Please click on Link Here:

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 12 in
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#813F Halogen-Free Water Soluble Lead Tinning Flux, #830VHF Halogen-Free VOC-Free Water Soluble flux, 305 No Clean 5% Solids Rosin Based Halogen Free Flux, 735-11 Water Soluble Selective Solder Nozzle Tinning Flux, 735-11 Water Soluble Selective Solder Nozzle Tinning Flux 1 Pint, 757 Water Soluble Highly Active Organic Flux, 920 VOC-Free Water Soluble Flux, #302 No Clean 2% Solids Halogen Free Flux, #360 No Clean 2% Halogen Zero Flux, #380 No Clean 3% Solids Halide Free Based Flux, #381 No Clean 4% Solids Halide Free Flux, #525MIL RA Military Approved Flux, #737N Water Soluble Neutral Flux, #775 Water Soluble Rosin Based Flux, 125 Rosin Based Flux Non-Activated, 285 Rosin Mildly Activated Flux, 285-25 Rosin Mildly Activated 25% Solids Flux, 350NVOC, 350NVOCF, 351 No Clean 2.2% Solids Flux, 357NVOC, 358NVOC, 386, 392-35 No Clean 4% Solids Halogen-Free Flux, 545, 713N Water Soluble Highly Active Organic Flux, 737NVF Water Soluble VOC-Free Liquid Flux

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