Qualitek offers competitive, state-of-the-art wave solder fluxes and selective solder fluxes for the electronics industry. Qualitek fluxes are manufactured for lead and lead-free processes that include no-clean, VOC-Free, water-soluble and rosin based types. View our product info. sheet for more information on our selective soldering fluxes and solid core wire. | Product Info. Sheet |
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    The Original Super Deox Formulation. Over 42 Years of use in the electronics mfg. industry - the unique formulation is safe, easy to use, low fuming, and odorless. Tested and approved by Major OEMs and EMS Providers. Super Deox #1, will not contaminate PCBA's during wave soldering and converts Dross into usable solder reducing costly metal consumption both for Leaded and Lead-Free Wave Solder Pots. Wave Oil 2020 is a Water-Soluble liquid form, synthetic oil-based, dross inhibitor designed to reduce dross build up in small tinning solder pots.
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    Time tested cleaners, used in the electronics manufacturing industry -  Qualitek offers several types of cleaners designed to Comply with the CFC Montreal Protocol, Rohs, and Reach Directives. Specific applications such as stencil cleaning, flux residue removal, finger cleaning, selective solder nozzle cleaning without the dangers of CFC, HFE, and Flammable Solvents. Listed below are our Best Selling Solvents, pack in 1 Gallon Containers
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    Flux filled applicator pens designed for hand soldering rework applications available in no-clean, water-soluble RMA and RA formulations. Compatible leaded and lead-free chemistry. Rework wands are sold in boxes of 25 1/3 oz. flux filled pen-like applicator or individually 1/3 oz. each.
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    Tip Tinner is a mixture of solder powder and thermally stable, oxide-reducing compounds. Tip Tinner provides better cleaning and re-tinning of highly oxidized soldering iron tips compared to a wet sponge or rosin-cored wire.Very effective for cleaning and re-tinning soldering iron tips.
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  • Designed for Hobbyists, Rework Operators, and Electrical Design Engineers/Electronics Labs. An all-in-one Sample Kit that includes all of our Best Sellers for Your Hand Soldering or Rework Soldering needs - Smaller diameters such as .015" great for SMT Applications, .032" for Everyday soldering, and .062" for larger soldering requirements. Get a feel for different sample diameters for the best fit application, Also included: Rework Wand (1), and Tacky Paste Flux w/Plunger and needle set (2), Tip Tinner w/matching Alloy (1). Valued at $80.00, try this sample kit for Leaded and Lead-Free soldering
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  • Wire Only
    Low-temperature soldering kit designed for heat-sensitive assemblies. Wire Solder Only Select: WSW-SN42-048V ( Dia .048"), or WSW-SN42-032V (Dia .032") Sn42/Bi58 Kit includes solder paste, solid solder wire, flux pen, paste flux, and Delta® tip tinner.
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  • Bar Solder

    Qualitek Bar Solder conforms and exceeds the impurity requirements of IPC J-STD-006C and ASTM B-32, QQS-571 Military Specs.  Below are the most popular Solder Alloys used in Electronics Mfg/Micro-Electronics. As a manufacturer, we do make Special Alloys upon Request.  | View TDS & SDS |
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    Advanced paste flux formulations used for precision semiconductor assemblies, micro BGA's, Flip Chip applications. As micro-electronics, become smaller with tighter tolerances and fine pitch footprints, Qualitek formulations and manufacturing processes meet the need for these requirements: tacky paste flux, robust activity may be applied by screen, stencil printing, pin-transfer, and syringe dispensing. Paste Flux formulations are available for lead and lead-free assembly in No-Clean, RMA, RA, and Water-Soluble formulations.
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  • Periodic solder pot analysis is recommended to maintain solder pot integrity and to check for any contaminants that may have an effect on quality and solderability issues. We recommend a solder analysis every 2-3 months, depending on the amount of PCB’s processed. To best suit your needs, Qualitek offers several solder check-up programs for leaded and lead-free pots. Programs A, B, and C are for leaded pots, and programs LF-1, LF-2, and LF-3 are for lead-free pots. Subsequently, the difference between each test is the number of metals tested for. Program C and LF-3, test for the complete major impurities as specified in IPC Standards.

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  • Paste Solder – No Clean

    Robust formulations exhibit excellent wetting and superior fine pitch printing performance for extreme tight tolerance designs like QFN's, uBGA's, LGA's, QFP's, 0210's. Formulations are designed for High Volume/Low Mix, and Low Volume/High Mix automated SMT assembly applications. Delta Solder Paste types are available for stencil printing, dispensing, and package-on-package assembly. Delta No Clean Solder Pastes are available for leaded Sn/Pb and lead free RoHS compliant assembly. No-Clean solder paste available in type 3 and type 4, packed in 500 gram jars or 35 gram syringes.   | View TDS & SDS | PLEASE NOTE SHIPPING TO STATES OF: CA, NV, OR, WA, ID, UT, NM, MT, WY, NV, AZ, TX PLEASE SELECT UPS 3 DAY AIR (CANNOT SHIP UPS GROUND)  
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  • "Print Bricks Every Time" Qualitek has developed several types of thermally stable, forgiving water-soluble formulations. Since WS Formulations do not have Rosin, it has more tendency to Cold and Hot Slump along with Shear Thin - Rheology and Thixtropy are affected. Our time-tested formulations and manufacturing process ensures superior fine pitch printing, soldering activity,  which can withstand extreme solder profiles and "Won't run out of gas during the reflow process"  Try our new Formulations Today | View TDS & SDS | PLEASE NOTE SHIPPING TO STATES OF: CA, NV, OR, WA, ID, UT, NM, MT, WY, NV, AZ, TX PLEASE SELECT UPS 3 DAY AIR (CANNOT SHIP UPS GROUND)
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